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At Peregrine Air Charter, we have the solution to your air travel needs. We  know firsthand the challenges of the business traveler.

Our Air Carrier operation grew out of our own corporate flight department. The use of our aircraft enabled us to make calls in a greatly expanded area and still be home for dinner. 

We were able to practically eliminate overnight trips, increasing productivity and quality of life for our employees. Our experience has taught us the many advantages of traveling in your own plane. 

Our cabin accommodations are spacious and comfortable. There is always coffee, cold drinks and snacks on board. In addition we can provide catering or make the arrangements for a rental car or limo at your destination, so you can stay focused on your business

We  operate only pressurized, multi-engine turbine powered aircraft, equipped with state of the art avionics allowing us to fly above most weather and turbulence to give you a safe, comfortable ride.

As an "On Demand Air Carrier", our aircraft and pilots are subject to strict oversight and regulation by the Federal Aviation Administration. The combination of quality equipment, experience and supervision assures you the safest flight possible.

Call 215-870-3094 or email us today for a quote or to see how we can help streamline your travel needs and help you to be more productive.